The Death of Hitler | Video Proof He Escaped to Argentina

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The Death of Hitler Not As Told | Did He Escape the Bunker and Nazi Germany?

Questions surrounding the death of Hitler endure to this day, and a new documentary is likely to generate even more.

Some believe Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in Berlin in 1945, but rather that he lived, escaped and lived on elsewhere. After all, the physical evidence for his suicide is dubious, at best. The witnesses, all die-hard, loyal Nazis, presented a formidable testimonial to the suicide story – though experts on witness statements have long felt their stories were rehearsed. For years after his supposed death, rumors of his presence in South America – and sightings – persisted.

The general consensus is that if  Adolf Hitler fled, one of the most likely places he would have wound up (other than ensconced in a secret base somewhere) is Argentina. And for many years, stories swirled that he did just that. A large portion of Hitler sightings came from this region of the world, and it is known that Hoover and FBI took the possibility seriously enough to send agents on a quest to track down the Fuhrer. Presumably the OSS/CIA did the same, and in later years the Israeli Mossad scoured the continent (capturing Adolf Eichmann and nearly capturing Josef Mengele).

But nobody came away with Adolf Hitler, despite the fact that – according to this teaser for what will certainly be a blockbuster documentary – it appears he was living in the open, relatively speaking. This of course, if true, raises even further questions. But we will leave those for later.

Many Hitler scholars and interested parties have wondered for a long time if there was any truth to the rumors. Well, based on the tantalizing information in this teaser to a new documentary, it appears that there was. The death of Hitler – at least insofar as the suicide story of 1945 goes – may well have been a lie.

If this documentary on the survival and post-WWII life of Adolf Hitler makes it’s case as strongly as it appears it will, history books will have to be rewritten. And that’s putting it nicely. The implications of Hitler’s survival are profound and have serious real-world consequences.

Hitler’s Escape to Argentina | Proof Positive?

It is well known that the Peron regime was sympathetic to the Nazi cause. The country had a sizable German “expatriot” population that was largely loyal to Hitler. According to the documentary, Hitler’s crack security team made preparations for Hitler’s escape long before it was necessary, and Argentina appears to have been the preferrred destination. Watch the video to see why!

Adolf Hitler Dines with Walter and Ida Eichhorn

Photo credit: picture taken from video via screen grab.

It turns out that Adolf Hitler had some very close friends in Argentina, including a resort-owning couple who corresponded with the Fuhrer and visited Germany every year, and eventually opened their doors (at their prestigious hotel, The Eden) to him after the war. This was the Eichhorns – Ida and Walter. The teaser even shows photos of Hitler with the couple, which if nothing else proves that they had access like few others. This is major “wow” stuff.

It appears that an earthshaking and paradigm-shifting documentary is coming, due to be released in 2014. It presents  incredibly compelling evidence that Adolf Hitler lived out an uneventful (and long) retirement in Argentina – mostly in seclusion – until his actual death in the mid 1960s. Needless to say, if true, this new information puts an entirely new spin on the “death of Hitler.”

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