Adolf Hitler, His Life & Death – Introduction

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adolf hitler portrait

Adolf Hitler in the pre-WWII Years. A portrait probably taken for Nazi propaganda purposes.

Welcome to Adolf Hitler: His Life and Death, the definitive resource for information about the man that many consider to be the most evil person in history. Whether Hitler actually was – history is full of numerous inhuman blackguards, after all – is objectively debatable. But there can be no doubt that Adolf Hitler ranks among the very worst examples of humankind. He was rage, destruction and evil personified.

Similarly, Hitler’s infamy is justified. Outside of Jesus Christ and a handful of others (Buddha, Mohammad, Elvis Presley), he may well be the most famous person in all of world history! Given the man’s outsized (and some would say overstuffed) ego, in this sense he won even by losing.

The fascination with “the little corporal” and the Nazis is seemingly endless. And perhaps this is a good thing, because future generations need to be aware of and understand what unbridled power in the hands of a megalomaniac can lead to.

“The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence.” – Adolf Hitler

All joking aside (sorry, Elvis), Adolf Hitler’s name is one that ranks alongside the most dangerous and destructive men of all time, from the bloodthirsty tyrants of the ancient world to the mass-murdering miscreants of modern times, some of whom were also the dictator’s contemporaries, allies and enemies. Adolf Hitler is #1 on the list compiled by Yahoo Answers. A dubious distinction, that.

To this day, a few wayward, disturbed souls see Adolf Hitler as a fallen hero. But the vast majority of rational beings see him as a conniving, craven misanthrope, a hate-spewing bigot, raging narcissist and genocidal maniac bent on world domination (or failing that, world destruction). Some even see him as the Devil incarnate.

There is little middle ground when it comes to the life and death of Adolf Hitler, and rightfully so. Most reasonable people feel he was a deeply disturbed, sociopathic monster – at the very least.

And while it would be comforting to dismiss Adolf Hitler as “just a dangerous lunatic,” profound questions about the man and his impact on the world resonate to this day. So while it is clear that history will never forget Hitler, we believe it critically important to understand every aspect of Hitler’s life and death. How and why did he come to exert such a hold over an entire nation, and how can the world guard against another such as he achieving nearly unlimited power?

In an age of nuclear, biological and chemical super-weapons far more devastating than those present in the World War 2 era, another Hitler could very well mean the end of all life on planet Earth!

This site unabashedly and unapologetically takes the majority view of the man. There is no doubt as to his immorality and inhumanity. Still, to this day, despite countless books, articles, movies and inquiries, many mysteries surrounding Adolf Hitler’s life and death remain. One would think, so many decades after the end of WWII, that all questions have been asked and answered. But ironically, it seems as if with every passing year more and more questions arise.

Some of the most frequently asked and fascinating questions regarding the life and death of Adolf Hitler include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Did Adolf Hitler actually have Jewish ancestry?
  • Was Adolf Hitler just a cynical, secular opportunist, a badly lapsed Catholic or actually a devoted occultist?
  • Was Adolf HItler’s rise to power an “accident” of history – or no accident at all?
  • Was Adolf Hitler a sadomasochist, asexual, secretly gay – or something else?
  • Did Adolf Hitler really commit suicide in a Berlin bunker in 1945?

Hitler Nazis Nuremburg Rally2

Adolf Hitler marches past adoring and fanatic SA men during one of the Nuremberg rallies. Those men would later be betrayed in the Night of the Long Knives.

Beyond Adolf Hitler himself, there remain many mysteries concerning groups and organizations associated with the man, as well as larger questions surrounding the entire Nazi phenomena, the Third Reich itself and whether it survives – in some form or another –  to this day, waiting in the wings for the opportunity to rise again.

This site attempts to address many of these mysteries and concerns. We hope you will find the content herein useful and informative. Please feel free to explore to your heart’s content, and we encourage and appreciate any feedback and comments you may care to leave.

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